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Whether you’re designing a new facility or updating an existing building, we have options to maximize your bottom line.

Effective July 15, 2019, all new applications for projects expected to complete in 2020 and beyond are subject to new program rules

2020 Program Feature Updates - Nonresidential Portfolio.pdf

Energy Audit

This free service provides information on your facility’s energy performance and offers details to help prioritize investments in energy-efficiency upgrades.

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Custom Rebates

Upgrading your facility or manufacturing business but not finding any rebates that fit? Consider Custom Rebates.

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Find and Fix programs

Targeted technology savings for big improvements to your pumps and automated systems.

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Standard Rebates

Don't miss out on rebates for lighting, refrigeration, heating and cooling and much more.

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Feasibility Study

You’ll receive a detailed analysis that quantifies the benefits of the energy-efficiency upgrades recommended in your Energy Audit.

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Case Studies

Learn how other Iowa companies have saved energy and money with energy-efficiency projects.

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AE Business News

Sign-up for this free monthly e-newsletter full of valuable energy information that can help you make important energy-related decisions for your business.

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Energy smart calculators

Smart energy use is smart business. Use these calculators to find out how much you can save and help the environment.

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Rates information

Full tariff and rate sheets for all customer types are available.

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Rebates for your business

Take advantage of energy efficiency rebates for your business and get cash back!

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