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2023 Alliant Energy service area totals

Projects announced
3 .5
Billion capital investment
New jobs
Animal nutrition
Animal nutrition companies are growing in Iowa and Wisconsin.
cows eating
Across Alliant Energy’s Iowa and Wisconsin service area, a critical mass of companies are producing animal nutrition products especially concerned with the dietary needs and health of livestock and pets.
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A diverse and fast growing sector in Iowa and Wisconsin.
DNA strands
Companies throughout Alliant Energy’s service area are capitalizing on the agriculture and research capabilities in plant, animal and human biosciences being conducted by Iowa State University, the University of Iowa and the University of Wisconsin – Madison.
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Controlled-environment agriculture
Building on major distribution routes and near population centers.
tomato plants
Reach all major population centers of the upper Midwest within a day’s drive, covering more than 22% (72 million) of the U.S. population.
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Food processing and ingredients
Find a well-educated workforce of food scientists in Iowa and Wisconsin.
food cans in a factory
Iowa State University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison are on the cutting edge of food science research and education. Both states are leaders in the production of key food products.
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Original equipment manufacturing
Technological advancements made by Wisconsin and Iowa manufacturers lead industry trends.
manufacturing equipment
Companies throughout Alliant Energy’s service area play a major role in the global marketplace—this critical mass of expertise makes our location well worth investigating for companies seeking a competitive advantage.
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You need capacity, speed and flexibility to respond to opportunities in today’s marketplace.
cardboard boxes
Iowa and Wisconsin have all forms of packaging covered from paper and board packaging to plastic bottles, shrink wrap, pouches, trays and cans.
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Plastics and polymers
The plastic products manufacturing industry is a major component of the economy in Iowa and Wisconsin.
plastic bottle manufacturing
Offering services to a range of industries, including packaging, building and construction, electronics, aerospace, and transportation.
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welding equipment
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