Home energy assessments for Wisconsin customers

Making sure your home is properly sealed and insulated is the key to keeping your home warm in winter, cool in summer and your energy costs low.

Alliant Energy offers cash-back when you work with a contractor to complete air sealing and insulation projects.

What you need to know:

  • Contact a Trade Ally contractor who is certified through our partner Focus on Energy
    View a list of contractors who serve Alliant Energy customers 
  • The contractor provides you with a quote or energy audit results
  • You decide to complete your air sealing or insulation project with the contractor
  • You receive cash-back from Alliant Energy in partnership with Focus on Energy
Why would a home need more insulation?

Heat moves from warm places to cool spaces. Insulation keeps the warm air where you want it - inside your home when it is cold out and outside when it is warm.

Why would a home need air gaps sealed?

Even small gaps make controlling your home’s temperature hard because your furnace and air conditioner have to work harder to keep up with changing temperatures. Sealing leaks will help keep the temperature stable.

Contact a contractor today to get started or call Focus on Energy for more information 1-800-762-7077.

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