Smart Hours

For our residential customers in Iowa

Get rewards when you use energy at smart times

Do you have central air conditioning and a smart thermostat? Then you can earn rewards for being a little more flexible with your thermostat schedule. Join Alliant Energy® Smart Hours and get a $50 Prepaid Mastercard when you enroll. Plus, you’ll receive a $25 Prepaid Mastercard for each season (summer and winter*) you participate!**

Enroll in smart hours

You must be an electric and gas customer to receive the $25 winter incentive. 

** If you purchase a smart thermostat on the Alliant Energy® Marketplace, you do not need to sign up for Smart Hours here. Your smart thermostat is purchased and shipped pre-enrolled in Smart Hours and the $50 incentive is applied at the time of checkout. All you need to do is install it and connect it to your WiFi!

A smarter way to use energy

Heating or cooling a home take a lot of energy. On extremely hot or cold days, demand for energy can spike so high that it becomes expensive to get power to everyone who needs it.

When you enroll in Alliant Energy Smart Hours, we automatically reduce your energy use when demand spikes. Smart Hours events may happen up to 15 times each season. We coordinate your energy use with thousands of others right when it counts to protect the energy system and keep you comfortable.

You help us keep energy cleaner and more affordable for everyone. It doesn’t take any extra effort on your part, and you’ll earn rewards at the end of each season you participate!

Here's how it works

Sign up and sync

You can enroll in the summer or winter season, or both, depending on your heating and cooling equipment. After you sign up, our technology learns your regular heating and cooling settings from your smart thermostat so that we can be sure to keep you comfortable on event days.

Smart Hours events

We schedule Smart Hours events on a few really hot or cold days each season when we expect energy demand will spike. On these days, we’ll adjust your thermostat to a more flexible schedule. We’ll heat or cool your home before the predicted energy spike, then reduce your use slightly during the Smart Hours events to flatten the energy spike and keep energy prices down.

Stay in control

If your home’s temperature ever fluctuates by more than a few degrees during Smart Hours events, your heater or air conditioner will kick in to get you back to your preferred temperature. And you can always adjust your own thermostat.

We’ll get in touch a day before each Smart Hours event. We’ll never adjust your settings on regular days − you’re always in control.

Stay informed

We’ll scheduled a maximum of 15 Smart Hours events each season (summer runs Jun. 1 to Sep. 30, winter is Dec. 1 to Mar. 31). We’ll rarely reduce your energy use for more than four hours, and never on weekends or holidays. For more information, visit our FAQs.

Who is eligible?

Alliant Energy residential customers in Iowa.

  • Homes with Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostats. (Limit of one enrollment bonus per household.) See which brands we support.
  • Homes with a Wi-Fi network that is always on.
  • Homes with a central air conditioner connected to a smart thermostat(s) are eligible to participate in our summer program.
  • Homes with a central air conditioner and a gas or electric furnace are eligible to participate in both summer and winter seasons.
  • Customers who are already in the Time of Day or Appliance Cycling programs are not eligible to participate.
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