Alliant Energy® Smart Hours

Get rewarded to use energy at smart times

Do you have central air conditioning and a smart thermostat? If so, you can earn rewards for being a little flexible with your thermostat schedule. Join Alliant Energy® Smart Hours and get an incentive just for signing up!

A smarter way to use energy

Heating or cooling a home takes a lot of energy. On very hot or cold days, demand for energy can spike and make power more expensive for everyone who needs it.

When you enroll in Alliant Energy Smart Hours, we automatically reduce your energy use when demand spikes. Smart Hours events may happen up to 15 times each season. We coordinate your energy use with that of thousands of others right when it counts to protect the energy system and keep you comfortable.

You help us keep energy cleaner and more affordable for everyone. It doesn’t take any extra effort on your part, and you’ll earn rewards at the end of each season you participate!

Find out how to enroll in Smart Hours

Check out program and enrollment details where you live:


Check out the video below for an overview of how Smart Hours works!

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