Fixed Amount Bill

For our electric, residential customers in Wisconsin

Don’t like fluctuations in your bill? Consider that problem fixed.

With Fixed Amount Bill, Wisconsin customers can pay the same amount every month. No fluctuations, no surprises – just a consistent bill that makes budgeting a cinch. This is like Budget Billing, except you don’t have to pay the difference for what you paid and/or used at the end of your contract.

How it works:

  • We review your total energy use over the past year. We average it together and offer you a fixed amount to pay each month (before taxes and fees).
  • You pay the same amount every month for 12 months.
  • After 12 payments, we’ll calculate a new monthly amount for you for the next year. Your account will not have a balance due.
  • You decide whether to continue with your new amount. If you’d like to withdraw from Fixed Amount Billing and go back to a normal bill, you can at this time. Fees may apply if you choose to end the contract early.

Who can participate in this program?

Residential electric customers of Alliant Energy in Wisconsin. You can’t enroll in Fixed Amount Bill if you’re already enrolled in Budget Billing or Nights & Weekends.

Ready to enroll?

Call us at 1-800-ALLIANT (800-255-4268) to find out what your monthly amount would be. If you like what you hear, you can sign up on the spot over the phone. Your new amount will become active on your next billing cycle.

Frequently asked questions

How is my Fixed Amount Bill calculated?

Your bill is based on your past electricity usage. Your monthly amount is calculated to protect you from higher bills due to unpredictable weather and increases in energy costs. Your quote does not exceed 10% above standard rates per kilowatt hour.

Call us at 1-800-ALLIANT (800-255-4268) to find out what your monthly amount would be.

What if I use more or less energy than I paid for?

Every 12 months, we look at your Fixed Amount Bill account to see whether to adjust your bill.

  • If you have used more energy than you paid for, you can expect your bill to go up.
  • If you’ve used less than you paid for, you can expect your bill to go down.

If you use much more energy than you paid for – more than 50% above your calculated amount – you’ll see an alert on your bill. If extreme high usage continues, you may be dropped from the program – and you’ll be responsible for the balance between what you paid and what you used.

Who can participate in this program?

Residential electric customers of Alliant Energy in Wisconsin. You must be on a regular billing rate to be eligible (not Budget Billing or Time of Use).

What if I just moved in?

If you just moved into your residence, you won’t have a usage history to customize your Fixed Amount Bill. We can calculate an amount for you based on general usage patterns, or you can wait to establish a usage history before you enroll.

How do I withdraw from the program?

Fixed Amount Bill is based on a 12-month cycle. You can withdraw from the program during the first or twelfth month without penalty. Contact us at 1-800-ALLIANT (800-255-4268) to cancel your enrollment.

If you choose to withdraw from the program at a time other than the first or twelfth month of the program, you may be subject to an $30 early termination fee. You may also be charged the difference between your electric usage and payments. You must wait six months to reapply for the program. 

What else do I need to know?

You should be aware that you may be removed from the program for nonpayment or consistent high energy use. If you’ve been removed from the program, there is a waiting period to reapply (12 months for nonpayment; six months for high energy use).

We also recommend you review the Fixed Amount Bill Terms and Conditions.

Program terms and conditions

  • By choosing to participate in Alliant Energy’s Fixed Amount Bill rate plan, you agree to pay the monthly Fixed Amount Bill amount for electric service to your premise address for the 12-month contract period, beginning with your next monthly electric service bill.
  • Subject to other applicable laws and regulations, your participation in the Fixed Amount Bill rate plan will continue automatically until you withdraw or cease to be eligible for the plan (for example, if your service is disconnected for non-payment).
  • Before the end of each 12-month period, Alliant Energy will notify you of the new monthly Fixed Amount Bill amount for the next 12-month period. If, at the end of each 12-month period, you wish to withdraw from the plan, you must notify Alliant Energy of your decision, and you will not be required to pay any additional amount in connection with the plan. Unless you notify Alliant Energy, we will continue to bill you at the most recently quoted Fixed Amount Bill rate.
  • If at any time before the end of the 12-month contract period, you move from the address (involuntary withdrawal), there will be no fee assessed, but you will still be subject to a “true-up” to actual usage under the standard rate. If you choose to leave the program or are removed from the Fixed Amount Bill rate plan by Alliant Energy, you will be assessed a $30 termination fee. In addition, you will be billed or credited for the amount of electricity you actually used under the Standard Residential rate (Rg-1). If the actual amount of electricity used is greater than the amount for which you have been billed under this plan, you must pay the difference. If the actual amount of electricity used is less than you have been billed under this plan, you will be refunded the difference.
  • You will not receive any refund or credits for amounts paid under the Fixed Amount Bill rate plan for any power outages or other unavailability of service for any reason whatsoever.
  • These Fixed Amount Bill terms apply only for electric service to the designated premise address. Under no circumstances can Fixed Amount Bill terms determined for one address be transferred to another address.
  • Your Fixed Amount Bill amount is based on the actual electricity used for the designated premise address over the past 12 months, as adjusted to reflect normal weather conditions and usage patterns. The monthly Fixed Amount Bill amount also includes a charge to cover financial, weather and other risks. The above described adjustments and charges are subject to regulatory limitations, but may otherwise be increased or decreased by Alliant Energy for any new contract period.
  • Alliant Energy periodically reviews routes by which customers’ meters are read to ensure they are in line with traffic patterns and efficiency goals. If your neighborhood is reviewed, the date on which your meter is read may change. Should this happen, you may see an adjustment in your Fixed Amount Bill amount for the next billing period. This adjustment reflects only a change in the number of days in this billing period, and you will continue to receive your Fixed Amount Bill monthly rate after this adjusted billing.
  • If a customer’s recorded usage exceeds expected usage by at least 50%, the company may, at its discretion, return the customer to the standard tariff for the remaining months of the Fixed Amount Bill contract.
  • Your Fixed Amount Bill quote does not include other taxes and mandated charges.

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