Renewable energy: Customer owned generation

Are you looking to add a renewable energy source to your home or business? Wind turbines, solar panels and fuel cells are just a few examples of how customers connect to the Alliant Energy distribution system. If you are interested in generating your own energy, please review our interconnection steps. This process helps ensure you select a system that is right for you and installed safely. You’ll also learn details about how to sell your excess energy.

Note: To ensure you get the system that best meets your needs, solicit and compare quotes, read reviews and talk to local electricians before you select your installer. Remember that installers operate independently from Alliant Energy and we do not endorse any firm. Always be cautious of door-to-door solicitations, unsolicited phone calls, requests for verbal agreements, demands for cash or scare tactics.

We also recommend you ask your installer for a summary report from our Distributed Generation Assist tool. This will reduce the potential for the proposed system to encounter common errors in the interconnection process.

The solar-powered home

How do solar cells play a key role in the home and what are the advantages?

Want more information? Check out our solar energy video series. These short videos are packed with information to help you learn more about solar energy and whether generating your own is the right choice.

See your potential savings from generating your own energy

(For Iowa customers) Check out our tool that can estimate your solar potential and savings by address. This will help determine whether generating your own solar energy is right for you. Estimates are based on information you enter.

Connecting to Alliant Energy's grid

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