Time of Day Pricing for your business

How does the program work?

All the electricity you use during off-peak hours is billed at a significant discount. Off-peak hours are between late evening (8 p.m.) through overnight (7 a.m.), and all weekend. Note: off-peak hours used to change with Daylight Savings Time. To make things easier to remember, off-peak hours will stay the same all year long.

Off-peak hours are when the demands for electricity are lowest. When you use less electricity during the day, you help us keep the power flowing to all our customers ─ and you help the environment!

Is this a free lunch?

Although a business earns a discount for the off-peak electricity you use, it will also pay a premium for the electricity used during on-peak periods. However, the vast majority of business customers on the Time of Day program save money, and the savings can be considerable.

Is there a cost to participate?

A special Time of Day meter will be installed at no cost, and the business will be billed a minimal fee for it each month. But the amount saved can easily more than make up the difference.

What if my business doesn't save money?

We ask that you remain on the program for a minimum of one year to really see the benefit.

But if the business doesn't use as much electricity off-peak as you thought, and it’s difficult to adapt to fit the program, we'll remove your special meter and replace it with a standard meter. The extra monthly charge will be discontinued when the meter is changed.

How can I make Time of Day Pricing work for my business?

Make sure you use as much electric energy as possible during the low-cost, off-peak period during evenings and weekends.

  • Turn off your air conditioner during the day, or turn the thermostat up five to ten degrees.
  • Delay tasks or operations until off-peak hours.
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