Customer construction and remodeling

Information to help you connect service to a newly constructed home or business, or update the electric or gas service to your existing property.

service connection process graphic

Step 1—Submit service application and site plan

Complete and sign a Service Application & Agreement form.

Include a scaled site plan or certified survey map.

  • Display the location of the building, septic, well and include landscaping design information (retaining walls, proposed decks, patios, swimming pools, etc.) on the plan.
  • Include easements needed for the extension of utility service.
  • Mark desired electric and/or gas meter locations. Please note, the preferred meter location must be approved by your Alliant Energy Project Lead (this will occur in step 2).
  • Sample site plan.pdf

Please also provide details about future plans on the lot. This communication is essential to eliminate future conflicts.

Please attach and send your site plan, certified survey map, and any additional documents along with your signed application to or call 1-866-255-8234 and enter the zip code of new service to connect with the local Alliant Energy operations office.

Step 2—Engineering review (3-5 business days)

Alliant Energy will review your application then contact you. If a site visit is necessary, the Project Lead assigned to you will schedule time to meet at the property. After the site visit, we will provide you with the cost estimate for service installation.

Step 3—Service line scheduling

Service line installation will be scheduled on an agreed-upon date once all customer requirements are met:

  • Provide a clear path for installation. Clear a 10’ wide path, which includes removing dirt piles, construction material, tree debris, etc. prior to electric and gas installations.
  • Backfill and grade area. Backfill within 6” of final grade.
  • Mark all customer-owned underground facilities. Locate and mark or expose all existing CUSTOMER-OWNED underground facilities. This includes invisible dog fence, septic, sprinkler, well, water or gas lines and electric systems. Alliant Energy and its contractors are not to be held responsible for damage to CUSTOMER-OWNED facilities that are not located or have been mismarked.
  • Submit proof of electrical inspection, if applicable. Inspections are an important part of ensuring safety and compliance. This service is provided by the local city, town, village, or state electrical inspectors.
  • Install foundation bracket, if applicable. To comply with Iowa rules and regulations, Iowa customers requesting gas service must have their contractor install a foundation bracket. This ensures the safety and support of your meter by securing it down.
  • Payment, if applicable. Make the required payment for the service line installation. Winter construction charges are included December 1 through March 31.

When requirements are complete notify your Alliant Energy Project Lead or call 1-866-255-8234.

Step 4—Service line installation (10-15 business days)

Alliant Energy crews will go out and install your service line once all the above requirements are met.

Step 5—Meter installation requirements

Submit a Gas Piping Statement and/or Electrical Inspection to your Alliant Energy Project Lead, if applicable.

  • Gas Piping Statement: This service is provided by your contractor who tests the pipe. Gas piping statement.pdf
  • Electrical Inspection: This service is provided by the local city, town, village or state electrical inspectors (this may have already been submitted prior to service line installation).

Mark and label meter positions. For multiple meter installations, each meter position will need to be marked with the address or unit number of the location served on the outside of the socket or by the breaker. This marking will also need to be placed on the corresponding distribution panel(s). The external marking will need a permanent self-sticking brass or engraved rigid plastic label with minimum ½” block letter or numbers. A permanent marking will also need to be inside the meter-socket base in a visible location when the cover is removed.

Step 6—Meter installation (1-2 business days)

Once all the above steps are complete and you have notified Alliant Energy, we will install your electric or natural gas meter.

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