Smart meters

Building a smart energy future

Smart meters and related system improvements detect outages faster and help provide you with better service.  Smart meters are an industry standard, with roughly 65 million currently in place, serving more than 50% of households nationally.

Key benefits of smart meters 

Detecting problems faster
When power goes out, smart meters help identify problems instantly in most cases, which means problem solving can start right away. We can detect most outages automatically and read your meter without needing to visit or disturb you.

Preparing for the future
Smart meters and related system upgrades enable better integration of power from cleaner renewable energy sources like rooftop solar or other home renewable energy systems.

Reducing pollution

Collecting meter readings wirelessly means we can reduce vehicle emissions because we will no longer have to send trucks to every property we serve.  

Keeping the lights on
Many parts of our current electrical systems are old and reaching the end of their useful life. By installing smart meters and related system upgrades, we’ll be able to continue delivering energy safely, reliably and efficiently.

Giving you more control over your energy bill
When you have better information, you have better control—smart meters capture data in near real-time of how much, and when, you use energy. This capability will allow the introduction of tools that provide greater control of your energy bills.

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