Electronic payment options for business

Business ACH Payment

Streamline paying your Alliant Energy bill through automated clearing house (ACH). This fast, easy option requires a one-time setup process using a CCD+ or CTX file format with remittance information.

Benefits of Business ACH Payment
  • Improved ability to control cash flow
  • Reduced costs from not sending a paper check
  • Increased accuracy and tracking of payments
Get started

The forms below provide the file format required for processing payments.

Iowa customers, complete Iowa step one form and send to cashpayments@alliantenergy.com.

Wisconsin customers, complete Wisconsin step one form and send to cashpayments@alliantenergy.com.

Automatic Payment

Receive your Alliant Energy bill each month, and your bill paid with the payment method you choose. Visit My Account to enroll in Automatic Payment.
Difference between Business ACH Payment and Automatic Payment
  • Business ACH Payment: Customer sends Alliant Energy funds from their preferred financial institution.
  • Automatic Payment: Alliant Energy pulls the funds from the customer’s preferred financial institution. 

Third-party service

Many financial institutions offer electronic payment services to their customers. Check with your bank to see what they offer.

My Account

My Account is a web self-service tool where you can view and pay your bill, view up to 13 months of energy usage and manage your account information. To enroll, you will need your Alliant Energy account number and Tax Identification Number. Learn more.

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