Alliant Energy® Renewable Energy Partner

Let us help you achieve your sustainability goals

Is your company ready to become more sustainable, and you want a partner to handle the details?

For more than a century, Alliant Energy has helped build strong communities throughout Wisconsin and Iowa. As leaders of the renewable energy transition, we’re the third-largest owner and operator of wind energy in the United States and the largest owner and operator of solar energy in Wisconsin.  

The Alliant Energy® Renewable Energy Partner program (REP) was developed to help large commercial and industrial customers achieve their sustainability goals. This program enables a large-scale customer to directly benefit from renewable generation and advance their sustainability efforts through REP agreements, whereby our customers can count additionality and Renewable Energy Credits toward their sustainability index. 

The Alliant Energy® Renewable Energy Partner program is the latest way we’ve adapted our renewable energy offerings to align more closely with our business customers’ needs.

How it works

How it works graphic

  1. Alliant Energy builds and maintains a dedicated renewable energy project on the Alliant Energy® Renewable Energy Partner’s behalf with no upfront capital required from Partner.

  2. The Renewable Energy Partner signs a long-term agreement to receive the renewable attributes, like RECs, from the facility.

  3. Alliant Energy manages the sale of energy to the grid and credits the value of the renewable energy and capacity to the Renewable Energy Partner.

How does the Alliant Energy® Renewable Energy Partner benefit?

  • Meet sustainability goals: The Alliant Energy® Renewable Energy Partner receives 100% of Renewable Energy Credits from the project for the term of the agreement.
  • Focus on core business: The Alliant Energy® Renewable Energy Partner works toward its sustainability goals without diverting valuable company resources to construct and maintain its own project.
  • Simplify the process: We handle construction and maintenance of the facility and buy and sell energy in the market.
  • Mitigate risk: Leverage our technical knowledge of the industry and eliminate uncertainty related to third-party developers.

What does this mean for residential customers?

Alliant Energy is committed to serving our customers, which includes working toward a carbon-free future through renewable energy generation.

  • Cost neutrality: We calculate a rate for the Alliant Energy® Renewable Energy Partner which fully covers the cost to build and operate the project. We do not pass any costs to the rest of our customers.
  • Low-cost renewables: At the end of the contracted period, we may continue to use the site to generate renewable electricity for all customers at low cost.
  • Local economy: The project will generate property tax revenue for local municipalities, and jobs created during construction and operation will increase economic activity in the area.

Get started

Reach out to your key account manager or the Business Resource Center at 1-866-ALLIANT (866-255-4268) for additional information about the program.

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