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It’s not just about energy, but what it powers us all to do together.

How often do you think about where your energy comes from? What about in the future?

At Alliant Energy, we’re working hard to deliver safe, reliable energy every single day. And we’re investing in cleaner energy sources for the future. That is because our Purpose is to serve customers and build stronger communities. And we use our energy every day to bring that Purpose to life for you.

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Now we want to know how you use your energy.

Are you a volunteer firefighter, or a high school math tutor? Maybe you collect food for your local food pantry. Tell us how you, or someone you know, uses personal energy to make your community better. We may feature your story on our website, social media or ads. If we do, you’ll be entered in a drawing to receive a $500 grant for a qualified nonprofit.

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It’s not about just changing the way we generate energy. It’s about acting today – to meet our customers’ energy needs tomorrow.

That’s why we created our clean energy blueprint. And aspire to achieve net-zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the electricity we generate by 2050 and eliminate all coal from our generation fleet by 2040 – 10 years faster than previously planned.

It’s not just about supporting the communities we serve. It’s about caring for our residents and the places they live.

At Alliant Energy, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. And building stronger communities is what drives and inspires our optimism for the future. How we deliver on our Purpose – reflects our broader responsibility to our customers, employees and shareowners.

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We exist to make life better in the communities and towns we all call home. We’re passionate about what we do, because we care about our residents and the communities where they live.
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It’s not about changing the way we generate energy. It’s about acting today – to meet our customers’ energy needs tomorrow.
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