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Alliant Energy advantages

Expedite timelines
Our certified sites can help you reduce potential issues.

Mitigate risk
Our certified sites can help you reduce potential issues.

Get a dedicated representative
We’ll provide a dedicated person to help you on your project from start to finish.

Meet sustainability goals
We have options that put you in control of your energy mix.

Energy efficiency programs
Save energy and money when you utilize our energy efficiency programs.

Energy solutions

Your energy options are limitless when you partner with Alliant Energy. Our customized energy solutions help us go beyond the role of a traditional energy provider. Alliant Energy has experience providing flexible solutions to industrial businesses. These could include:

- Combined Heat & Power (CHP)
- Solar arrays
- Steam
- Micro grids
- Battery storage
- Green RECs
- Energy management solutions
- Energy efficiency programs
- Customizable rate program

Customized rates

As you plan your project, our team will help you determine your rate class, what options may be available and determine a cost estimate for your operation. Each of our states has distinct rate classes and structures based on your specific usage and needs.

Economic development rate (Iowa)
This is a flexible discount on demanded electricity charges for the first five years of operation for a new customer of Alliant Energy. To qualify for the program, your company cannot be a direct competitor of a current customer of Alliant Energy.

High volume industrial rate (Iowa)
This is for very large electric users providing a volume discounted rate structure based on the usage of electricity.

Infill and brownfield redevelopment rate (Iowa)
For use at industrial sites and buildings where Alliant Energy already has existing service, but that service is not utilized or is underutilized. Discount on customer demand charges is for the first five years of operation, starting with a 50% discount in year one, reducing by 10% annually over the next four years. Learn more

Interruptible program (Iowa and Wisconsin)
In exchange for reducing consumption during periods of extreme demand, your company can receive a discount on natural gas or electric pricing for the entire year.

New load market pricing (Wisconsin)
This program allows customers with more than 500 kW of new incremental load to purchase electricity at market prices on their new incremental load growth.

Three-tiered Time of Day pricing (Wisconsin)
You can reduce your business’ energy costs by using more electricity during lower-priced off peak time periods.

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