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For our residential customers in Iowa

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Order energy-efficient products at discounted prices online at the Alliant Energy® Marketplace. It's not just about saving energy. It's about making your home more comfortable.

Shop for items that help save you money, run your home more efficiently and conserve energy. You can find LEDs, smart thermostats, advanced power strips and more. Look for ENERGY STAR®-rated options for even greater savings.

Orders over $49 ship FREE.


Enroll in Alliant Energy® Smart Hours!

If you buy a smart thermostat from the Marketplace, have central air conditioning and you’re willing to be a little flexible with your cooling schedule, you have the option to automatically enroll in Alliant Energy Smart Hours.

Cooling and heating your home takes a lot of energy. We’ve designed Smart Hours to reduce energy use when we see surges across our service area.

Simply sign up at checkout and you’ll receive an instant $50 rebate just for enrolling. Plus, each season that you participate (summer and winter*) you'll receive a $25 Prepaid Mastercard.

*You must be an electric and gas customer to receive the $25 winter incentive.

shop now and save!

Instant rebates

We offer on-the-spot rebates on select energy-efficient products through the Marketplace. Saving energy is great. Saving money is even better.  

Check out the new Alliant Energy® Marketplace today!

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