Interruptible program

Guaranteed lower energy rates

In exchange for reducing consumption during periods of extreme demand, your company can receive a discount on natural gas or electric pricing for the entire year. The program is for commercial customers with the ability to curtail a minimum of 200 kW during extreme electric load. Natural gas customers using 20 decatherms per day in the six winter months are also eligible. You don’t have to use both energy sources to be on these programs.

Review the tariff rate sheets for your options. Choose your state and service (electric and/or natural gas.)

current interruptible status

(Video) Iowa Electric Interruptible Program: When can interrupts happen?

How it works

During peak usage time, typically during the summer, we will notify predetermined contacts throughout your business prior to curtailment periods.

A typical curtailment works like this:

  • Alliant Energy's Systems Operations Center determines the need for curtailment.
  • Your company is notified via our Power Manager Communication System. Power Manager can send notifications simultaneously to multiple contacts within your company in the ways you choose - by phone, email, or text. The notification will give both start and end times for the event.
  • In Iowa: Your company will reduce usage to pre-determined firm level. Alliant Energy does not disconnect your electric service. We will notify your business when the curtailment period ends. We make every effort to provide advanced notice; however, we will give a minimum of two hours’ notice, per tariff requirements.
  • In Wisconsin: Depending on the curtailment option that you have agreed to, your company will reduce usage to pre-determined levels. We will notify your business when the curtailment period ends. We make every effort to provide advanced notice; however, depending on which tariff your company has decided on, notification time can be:
    • Instantaneous: your company curtails power as soon you receive notification.
    • One-Hour: your company will receive at minimum one-hour notice prior to a curtailment event.

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