Our broadband involvement

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What is Alliant Energy doing to close the digital divide?

Alliant Energy is partnering with local Internet Service Providers (ISP), leveraging combined assets to benefit local communities. In other words, because the two entities use the same broadband transmission lines, they can combine forces. The ISP leases excess fiber-optic strands that Alliant Energy already has underground to deliver fast, reliable internet service to the rural community.

In June 2022, Alliant Energy announced its first pilot project with an ISP, Mt. Horeb Telephone Company (MHTC). As a result, nearly 150 households and businesses in Hollandale, a community about 30 miles SW of Madison, will gain access to high-speed internet service – up to 2 Gig. In our announcement, David de Leon, president of Alliant Energy's Wisconsin energy company stated:

“We are excited about this new partnership and the value it brings to our customers. This is an important step toward reducing the digital divide that is especially pronounced in rural areas and among financially disadvantaged customers and communities.”

In July, to mark the beginning of construction, representatives from Alliant Energy, MHTC and Tri-State Directional Drilling, LLC along with the Hollandale Village Clerk-Treasurer met on-site to discuss the broadband project. Once complete, up to 2-gig internet service will be available to about 150 households and businesses in Hollandale, Wis. 

Photo caption (from L to R): Mark Whalen, Co-owner, Tri-State; Angela Olson, Senior Manager, MHTC; Kory Kolb, Co-owner, Tri-State; David de Leon, President of Alliant Energy's Wisconsin energy company; Patrick O’ Connor, Senior Strategic Project Manager, Alliant Energy; Griselda Aldrete, Director-Stakeholder Engagement, Alliant Energy; Sam Fletcher, Engineer II, Alliant Energy; Holly DeWitt, Clerk-Treasurer, Village of Hollandale; John Van Ooyen, CEO/GM, MHTC; Barb Tormaschy, SVP Sustainability & Regulatory Strategy, Alliant Energy.

In addition, we are:

  • Revitalizing our TechRefresh program and breathing new life into recycling computers and other technologies. In partnership with Cascade Asset Management and area businesses, the equipment is ‘refreshed’ and donated to non-profit groups, schools, libraries and a variety of local groups who are also focusing on addressing the digital access gap.
  • Working with the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) to advocate for the passage of broadband bills recently introduced in Congress. These bills would increase funding opportunities for digital infrastructure.
  • Investing in technology, including laying fiber, to enhance connections between electric facilities and devices in order to make the energy grid smarter, stronger, cleaner and more resilient, reliable and secure.
  • Working alongside public utilities in several states to find ways to connect utility infrastructure to broadband providers to help those in need.
  • Partnering with organizations and associations dedicated to advancing broadband by closing the digital divide. This includes the Utility Broadband Alliance in which employee Griselda Aldrete was recently elected to the Board of Directors for a 2-year term.