Broadband programs and resources

Assistance programs

The FCC offers programs to help those struggling to afford or gain access to reliable internet service. These programs include:

  • Affordable Connectivity Program: A federal program helping families and households afford broadband at home to successfully work, participate in school, view healthcare information and so much more. The program provides discounts toward broadband service for eligible households and for households on qualifying Tribal lands. Eligible households can also receive a one-time discount to purchase a laptop, desktop computer or tablet from participating providers. Visit
  • Emergency Connectivity Fund: A program that provides schools and libraries the tools and services needed to aid remote learning in order to help close the homework gap (the divide between students with broadband access at home and those without that expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic). This fund includes coverage for a variety of broadband connectivity devices, including laptops and Wi-Fi hotspots, for eligible organizations to distribute at the household level. Visit

The state of Wisconsin offers assistance, too.

  • Wisconsin Emergency Rental Assistance program: The Wisconsin Emergency Rental Assistance Program now includes coverage of internet costs for qualifying households. Visit this page to learn more.

Internet connectivity surveys

Communities and counties are working to ensure everyone has access to quality internet connectivity. If you live in Wisconsin, you’re invited to take the Broadband Speedtest. The data will be used to help prioritize future broadband-related investments. By participating, you’ll be contributing to establishing your neighborhood or community’s broadband baseline.

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