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With so many solar options, which is best for you?

At Alliant Energy, we want to make it as easy as possible to choose clean energy that meets your needs. When you look at all the renewable energy options on the market, what’s best for you and your family may not be clear. To help, here are the most common options available to Alliant Energy residential and business customers.

  • Customer-owned generation: Customers install an independent solar system on their property to directly power their home or business. Customers are still connected to the grid and can buy additional energy if the panels don’t meet their needs. They also sell power to the grid if their panels produce more than they need. These installations have a larger upfront cost, but tax credits are available.
  • Alliant Energy® Community Solar: Alliant Energy builds, owns and operates a dedicated solar garden on behalf of subscribers. Residential and business customers purchase 250-watt solar blocks to offset up to 100% of their expected energy use. The upfront costs pay for construction and operation. In return, customers receive bill credits each month based on the energy produced over the 20-year life of the project. Iowa electric customers can subscribe now to blocks in our Cedar Rapids Community Solar Garden that we expect to complete in 2023. Our Fond du Lac Community Solar Garden is fully subscribed. A waitlist is available for Wisconsin customers to be notified when our second project is announced.
  • Alliant Energy® Customer-Hosted Renewables: Alliant Energy leases land from commercial and industrial customers on which to build, own and operate renewable energy projects. Projects must be 300 kilowatts to 2.25 megawatts. Many variables factor into whether a location is viable. Visit the program webpage for more details.
  • Alliant Energy® Renewable Energy Partner: This program helps commercial and industrial customers enter into a power purchase agreement for a renewable energy project. They pay for the energy generated, receive renewable energy credits and get bill credits each month.

Renewables make the energy grid more resilient, efficient and affordable. And even if you choose not to invest in a renewable energy program today, rest assured that at least some clean energy is powering your home. In 2021, 34% of Alliant Energy's electric generation came from renewable resources. And that amount is getting larger. Due to our efforts to construct nearly 1,500 megawatts of solar energy in Wisconsin and Iowa by the end of 2024, we expect that number to grow to over 50% by 2030.

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Chris is a Communications Partner specializing in Alliant Energy’s renewable investments. Coming from a journalism background, he’s excited to tell the story of Alliant Energy’s Clean Energy Blueprint and other renewable trends in new and exciting ways.

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