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Ally Gearin making pancakes at a fundraiser

Growing up and giving back

Ally Gearin grew up in Centerville, Iowa, a community she’s always loved. When she was young, her family had a low income and sometimes benefited from free and low-cost events.

Now, Gearin makes sure similar opportunities are still available in Centerville. “My work at the Children's Arts Festival and local library help keep free and fun things alive and available for everyone,” she said. “At the mobile food pantry, we serve about 350 households each month, many of whom would not make it through without us. Seeing the relief and smiles of the people we help is one of the best feelings in the world.”

When Gearin joined us as a new Alliant Energy customer service associate in 2008, a coworker suggested she help at local events. She quickly found this so rewarding, her involvement has only increased in the last 16 years. She now volunteers with the Food Bank of Iowa for Appanoose County’s mobile food pantry. She’s the president of Friends of Drake Library. She’s on the planning board for the Children’s Art Festival. She also pitches in whenever businesses from the Centerville Chamber of Commerce need a hand.

Meanwhile, at our company, Gearin has worked her way up to customer experience specialist. Customer service has taught her sometimes when people air grievances, they aren’t upset with you or the company, but their situation.

“You never know what someone is going through,” she said. “Sometimes, things are not as they seem on the outside.” Ally has taken this lesson of compassion and humility with her in her volunteer activities.

She is one of a group of close-knit Alliant Energy volunteers in Centerville. “If things come up that need to get done, we do it,” she said.

Gearin encourages others to do whatever they can as well. “Any volunteer work, no matter how small, shows the community you care.”

We recognize Ally Gearin with a 2024 Values in Practice (VIP) award, an honor that celebrates employees who donate time and energy to the communities we serve.

All 2024 VIPs receive a $500 grant to donate to the nonprofit of their choice. Gearin is donating her VIP grant award to the Friends of Drake Library in Centerville.

We thank Gearin and the other VIPs for how they act for tomorrow, do the right thing, make things better and care for others – the very values that shape everything we do.

“Any volunteer work, no matter how small, shows the community you care.”
Ally Gearin

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