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North Rock Solar from the air

Solar Project Update: North Rock

A new year means new construction for our North Rock Solar Project. The 50-megawatt project in Fulton, Wisconsin is part of our Clean Energy Blueprint, a strategic roadmap to accelerating renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions. Once complete, the project will generate enough clean, low-cost energy to power approximately 13,000 Wisconsin homes.

Habitat Happenings

We’re big fans of creating pollinator-friendly habitats in and around our solar projects, and our North Rock site is no exception. Seeding was completed this fall, and vegetation growth throughout the project is making great progress.

North Rock SolarTo create a perfect pollinator playground, we utilize a specially selected, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources-approved mix of grass and seed varieties designed to promote a safe and healthy environment. It includes prairie natives such as slender wheatgrass, sideoats grama, perennial ryegrass and little bluestem. This low-growth grass mix reduces the need for frequent mowing and maintenance.

North Rock Solar flowersIn addition to grass varieties, our pollinator-focused seed mix includes lead plant, butterfly milkweed, smooth blue aster, partridge pea, prairie clover, black-eyed Susan and Ohio spiderwort. These varieties of native vegetation attract pollinators, including bees, butterflies, moths and other beneficial wildlife populations.

Construction Continues

North Rock SolarThe onsite civil work, including access road construction and site grading, is nearly complete. Electrical cable installation is roughly 50% complete with over 140,000 feet of cable installed to date.

Crews are currently installing pilings, the metal columns which anchor the solar array structures to the ground. Once pilings are placed, crews will begin to install the racking systems that will support the solar panels.

North Rock SolarNew in 2022

Curious about what’s next for the North Rock Solar Project? We’ll share updates, photos and details throughout the construction process here and on our website at

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