One Million Trees reforestation program

We are proud to sponsor efforts to restore forests in Wisconsin and Iowa.

How does the program work?

As part of our One Million Trees initiative, we partner with the Iowa and Wisconsin departments of Natural Resources, along with other groups, on reforestation efforts. Together, we plant tens of thousands of seedlings in and around our service areas to replace trees after timber harvests and storms to expand forests.  

What is reforestation?

Reforestation is the process of planting new trees on land where forests once stood. When a forest is disturbed by events like fire, disease or timber harvests, reforestation helps restore woodland to a healthy state. 

Why is reforestation so important?

The benefits of trees are a big part of the reason we began our One Million Trees initiative. As trees grow and mature, they improve water quality, provide wildlife habitat and naturally reduce greenhouse gases. Planting new trees in our communities is important, but it’s also vital to care for some of Wisconsin and Iowa’s greatest natural resources: Our forests.

Our forests are more important than ever. In addition to making our air healthier, forests filter rainwater, help cool the planet, and host a variety of plants, fungi, moss, mammals, insects, birds, reptiles and everything else that comprises their healthy, vibrant ecosystems. Replacing and expanding the forests in Wisconsin and Iowa benefits our customers and our planet.

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