Community Tree Planting program

Beautify your community and save energy when you plant a tree. 

As part of our One Million Trees initiative, we're partnering with Trees Forever to fund and implement tree-planting projects in various communities throughout Iowa and Wisconsin. 

Apply now! Applications are due Nov. 1.

Click for more information on your state's program:

Why tree planting is important

  • Planting trees provides more shade and cools the air, helping lower energy costs and reduces peak electric demand.
  • The trees planted represent an energy savings of over 14 million kilowatt-hours. That’s the equivalent of removing 7,800 vehicles from the roads each year.
  • The Community Tree Planting program also helps diversify the tree population. A diverse urban forest is the best way to ensure resiliency against tree diseases and pests like the emerald ash borer.

See our list of recommended tree species..pdf