Alliant Energy’s Rural Hunger Initiative

Who faces hunger?

The answer may be closer to home than you expect. One in 14 people in Iowa and Wisconsin struggle with food insecurity. In rural communities, the rate is even higher due to ongoing inflation and the remaining impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic.

It takes collaboration and innovation to address such life-changing and widespread challenges. No one person or community should have to handle this alone.

Collaboration is key

The Alliant Energy Foundation listened. We met with food organization partners in Iowa and Wisconsin and we’re working collaboratively to help meet the specific needs of rural communities and solve this critical challenge.

We're developing Alliant Energy's Rural Hunger Initiative to help support partner organizations' programs to fight rural hunger in Iowa and Wisconsin.

Serving children and veterans: Partnership with Food Bank of Iowa and HACAP Food Reservoir

These community partners saw a need for food pantries in schools and for veterans. The Alliant Energy Foundation is supporting them as they create safe convenient community spaces.

In some locations, this support will offer a boost to existing pantries and, in others, it will help to expand into communities that currently do not have access to food pantries.

Farm-to-table delivery solutions: Partnership with Riverbend Food Bank and Northeast Iowa Food Bank

These community partners saw needs around community access to fresh, healthy foods. The Alliant Energy Foundation is supporting food bank partners as they develop new food delivery systems to take fresh chicken, beef, pork, dairy and produce from agricultural partners to hungry neighbors. This helps guarantee support for local farmers and creates easier access to healthy food for those who need it.

Supporting local business: Partnership with Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin and Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin

These partners recognize the unique circumstances that affect rural communities. They are exploring options leveraging what already exists to help people shop locally and meet the needs of community members.

Alliant Energy is supporting work on a unique and innovative card system with prepaid debit cards that will support businesses in rural communities and fill a gap for those unable to benefit from SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).

We care

Hunger and housing is one of the Alliant Energy Foundation’s giving focus areas that provides sustainable solutions to help move people out of hunger and housing insecurity. The Alliant Energy Foundation supports local programs focused on food and nutrition, clothing and household needs, and housing and shelter.

In 2023, the Alliant Energy Foundation invested over $1.1 million in hunger and housing initiatives.
Charitable foundation programs

The Foundation's community grant programs reflect our commitment to play an active role in the communities we serve.

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Trees for a brighter future

Trees shade homes, improve water quality and protect wildlife. That’s why we are planting one million trees by the end of 2030 in Iowa and Wisconsin.

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