Alliant Energy® Community Solar – Janesville: Anchor tenant opportunities

Take the next step: Become an anchor tenant.

Alliant Energy recognizes businesses that demonstrate leadership and are committed to sustainable practices in the community. As an anchor tenant in community solar, you'll receive financial benefits as well as:

  • Annual renewable energy credits (RECs) are retired on your behalf to offset carbon emissions. 
  • Recognition from Alliant Energy® Community Solar in our news releases, social media and signs to post at your business. 
  • The opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to environmental sustainability by  enabling clean, local energy. 

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To receive these benefits, your business needs to purchase 900 solar blocks or more. See the example below for more information.

 DETAILS 10% of the
solar facility
60% of the solar
facility (max)
Number of blocks
900 5,400
Upfront subscription fee* $303,300 $1,819,800
Annual bill credit, first year  (0.0775/kWh minimum credit) **
$30,700 $184,500
Estimated 20-year total bill credit***
$592,400 $3,555,000

*Does not include the one-time $25 administration fee.
**As of Jan 2024, estimated solar production rate is $0.0835 for residential and $0.0775 for commercial customers. The floor rate will be established at the time the solar garden is operational.
***Estimate includes degradation over the 20-year program.
All figures are estimates. Actual credits may vary.

Use this calculator to determine the number of 250-watt solar energy blocks you need. You can subscribe to enough solar blocks up to 100% of your energy use.

Do you have multiple locations or additional questions? Contact your key account manager or email for assistance.