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Harness the power of the sun, and the power of community

By subscribing, your efforts will go to increase the amount of clean energy in the region’s power grid.

The Alliant Energy® Community Solar program is now available to our Wisconsin customers with the opening of our next solar project in Janesville, Wisconsin. Don’t miss this limited opportunity to power your home with clean, hassle-free renewable energy.

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Photo: Alliant Energy’s community solar garden in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

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Community solar is available to Wisconsin electric customers on a first-come, first served basis. Participation is easy.

Step 1

Use this calculator to determine the number of 250-watt solar energy-producing blocks you need to meet your green goals. You can purchase a subscription up to 100% of your energy use. 

Step 2

Sign up. Once you determine the number of solar blocks you need, complete the Alliant Energy® Community Solar subscriber form.

Step 3

Pay for the blocks all at once or spread the amount over a 12-month period at no extra cost. There is also a one-time administration fee. Here’s what your bill will look like.  

Step 4

Once the garden is built and operational, receive a credit on your bill each month for up to 20 years.

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Hear from our subscribers

Why are existing customers and community members excited about community solar? Hear from them below in their own words. You can also see all the testimonials.
JP Cullen's story
George Cullen of JP Cullen

"The thought process for being an anchor tenant was really an easy decision. The program was very easy to understand."

George Cullen, co-president, JP Cullen
Janesville, Wisconsin

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Tom's story
Tom Schuppe

"You know what is generating the electrical power. You know that it's not causing pollution."

Tom Schuppe
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Hear Tom's story
Kathy's story
Kathy Leifer

"... it's peace of mind knowing if I move, those blocks can be transferred to the new owner, or I can receive a prorated credit back."

Kathy Leifer
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

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Brian's story
Brian Kolstad

"As a local elected official ... community solar gives us something to advertise to the rest of the world."

Brian Kolstad, city council president
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Hear Brian's story

Janesville Community Solar facts

Still have questions?

Contact us at or call 1-800-ALLIANT (800-255-4268).

Would you like to give the gift of solar?

The Alliant Energy® Community Solar program lets you purchase solar blocks for another Alliant Energy electric customer, or donate them to the Hometown Care Energy Fund. Surprise your family, friends, neighbors or favorite nonprofit organizations with 20 years of solar benefits.

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