High usage alerts help customers combat summer weather

Increased energy efficiency rebates also help with upgrades and future savings

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – July 10, 2020 – With the arrival of hot and humid summer weather, Alliant Energy is offering tips to help customers stay cool and use energy more wisely.

First, the company is encouraging customers to sign up for a new feature in My Account that helps them track their energy use and set up high usage notifications via voice, text or email if their use hits a certain amount of energy. Customers can look at their previous energy use in My Account and set a level that’s right for their household.

These notifications are especially helpful during these hot and humid days and nights. When air conditioners work around-the-clock to keep up with the weather, customers may be using more energy than they realize.

Alliant Energy is also helping customers by increasing energy efficiency rebate amounts in Iowa for residential customers, while also expanding the offerings for small business owners in the state. Energy-saving upgrades are now more affordable as some rebate amounts have doubled. By switching to more efficient appliances, customers save by using less energy in the future.

And finally, here are some of the more than 40 tips customers can follow to help them better control their energy use:

  • Use the hottest water recommended by your clothing label, if someone in your home is sick. Otherwise, washing with cold water is a good way to save energy. The highest spin cycle removes more water from clothes, so there’s less work for your dryer.
  • Cook with microwaves, toaster ovens and slow-cookers when possible. They use 50% less energy than full-sized electric ovens.
  • Many appliances, especially computers, televisions and cable or satellite boxes, use power even when they’re turned off. A smart power strip switches them to off when you’re not using them to save all the stand by energy.

Taking these measures can increase savings and help customers avoid surprises when their bill arrives. Visit alliantenergy.com/stayhome for the full list of tips.