Iowa County Board approves Alliant Energy’s first rooftop customer-hosted solar

The Iowa County Board of Supervisors has approved Alliant Energy’s proposal to install a solar facility on the roof of the county’s new Law Enforcement Center building in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. The solar array will be the first rooftop installation that will be put in place under the Alliant Energy® Customer-Hosted Renewables Program.

Under the program, Alliant Energy will own and operate the solar facility on the Law Enforcement Center rooftop in exchange for providing Iowa County with monthly lease payments over a 20-year period. There are no costs to Iowa County. Alliant Energy will oversee the installation and handle all the operations and maintenance to ensure the facility runs efficiently.

The 300-kilowatt (kW) solar system will supply clean energy to the local electric grid and help power nearby customers’ homes and businesses. The project is expected to be complete by early 2022.

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