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Unregulated environmental report mischaracterizes Alliant Energy’s Riverside and West Riverside Energy Center in Beloit

Alliant Energy responds to media reporting inaccuracies

Alliant Energy is aware of and has reviewed the recently published 2023 IQAir report, in which Beloit, Wisconsin is identified as the most polluted city in the U.S. Recent media coverage of the report is inaccurately stating that Alliant Energy’s Riverside and West Riverside Energy Center plays a significant impact in the air quality of Beloit, Wisconsin. The media reports are simply not fact. Many factors impact air quality – and in the summer of 2023, Canadian wildfires significantly impacted air quality across the Midwest and much of the nation, as stated by the 2023 IQAir report, but omitted from most of the media coverage.  

Alliant Energy is committed to complying with all environmental requirements and operates its assets in a manner that is protective of the air quality standards established by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and approved operational permits. In fact, prior to its construction, Alliant Energy’s West Riverside facility was required to, and did obtain, air pollution control permits to construct and operate the facility in accordance with the federal and state requirements.  Alliant Energy supports transparency and reports its compliance status with these requirements to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) semi-annually.   

In contrast to the stringent guidelines set in place by the EPA and WDNR, the 2023 IQAir report is created by third-party public monitors for which quality assurance is limited, nor is oversight provided by state or federal regulators. Alliant Energy has a long and positive partnership with the City of Beloit. Prior to the Energy Center’s construction, several listening sessions and open houses were conducted in the surrounding community to enhance engagement and awareness of the plant’s features and impacts. 

The generating station was designed to be efficient and flexible to compliment significant renewable energy resources and with sustainability in mind to promote community, environmental and economic benefits and has received several awards and recognitions including an Envision Platinum award from the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure – the highest attainable Envision recognition level.  

Alliant Energy is committed to implementing our strategic Clean Energy Vision to create a more sustainable future for our customers and communities. We are committed to achieving our environmental goals and continue accelerating our diverse energy mix in Wisconsin. The execution of our strategic vision has resulted in significant reductions in all regulated air pollutants, including oxides of nitrogen and fine particulate matter. 

When unregulated reports are published, we recommend customers and community members understand the context of these reports and connect with trusted, reliable sources such as the Department of Natural Resources and the Environmental Protection Agency.  

Alliant Energy takes environmental compliance seriously and it is part of our commitment to Act for Tomorrow. Our customers can count on Alliant Energy to provide information about the high standards with which we are held, and that we abide by for our operations and facilities.  

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