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Alliant Energy powers Cedar Rapids' economic development

Alliant Energy is a key partner in Cedar Rapids' economic development efforts. This includes investing in one of the state’s largest development-ready sites and partnering with local organizations to support our customer’s sustainability goals.

Alliant Energy developed the Big Cedar Industrial Center, the state’s first development-ready site, which includes nearly 1,400 acres of development-ready land with utilities and infrastructure already in place.

Alliant Energy also delivers a diverse energy mix. More than 52.7% of Cedar Rapids' power already comes from renewable sources. Plans include reaching more than 50% renewable energy by 2030, aligning with the city's goals for a sustainable energy future.

"The partnership between Alliant Energy, the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance and cities of Cedar Rapids and Fairfax represents decades of collaboration in which we have helped existing businesses grow and recruited new businesses to our region.” said Dennis Jordan, director of customer, community and economic development, Alliant Energy. “We believe we are stronger working together and Big Cedar is just one example where Alliant Energy has invested in land ideally suited for industrial development. That investment has allowed Cedar Rapids to be considered for industrial projects that were previously out of reach. We are actively working with a number of prospects that are interested in the area.”

Cedar Rapids' thriving economy, bolstered by companies like Collins Aerospace, TransAmerica, General Mills and more, is a testament to the city's potential. Its consistent economic growth, coupled with a highly skilled workforce, makes Cedar Rapids an ideal destination for industries such as food processing, bioprocessing, logistics and manufacturing.

Cedar Rapids continues to shine as a prime location for business and innovation, and Alliant Energy remains a driving force that helps ensure economic prosperity.

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