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It’s not just about energy, but what it powers us all to do together.

How often do you think about where your energy comes from? What about in the future?

At Alliant Energy, we’re working hard to deliver safe, reliable energy every single day. And we’re investing in cleaner energy sources for the future. That is because our Purpose is to serve customers and build stronger communities. And we use our energy every day to bring that Purpose to life for you.

It’s not about just changing the way we generate energy. It’s about acting today – to meet our customers’ energy needs tomorrow.

That’s why we created our clean energy blueprint. And aspire to achieve net-zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the electricity we generate by 2050 and eliminate all coal from our generation fleet by 2040 – 10 years faster than previously planned.

It’s not just about supporting the communities we serve. It’s about caring for our residents and the places they live.

At Alliant Energy, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. And building stronger communities is what drives and inspires our optimism for the future. How we deliver on our Purpose – reflects our broader responsibility to our customers, employees and shareowners.

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We know it takes a lot of energy to do more. To do better. To do good. That’s why we want to share how you are putting your energy to work.

Whether you’re making dinner, working another shift, or volunteering in your community; it all takes energy.

We want to celebrate how you make a difference for your customers, family, business and community. Because you’re the reason we are powering beyond to create a cleaner energy future.

Share your story with us by clicking the link below! Your story may be shared on this webpage.

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Your stories

Energy helps the community

Electricity is critical to the mission of the the Hawkeye Area Community Action Program (HACAP). From food preservation to forklift operation, it helps HACAP bring their energy to the community.

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Energy helps grow communities

Harlan Satrom, President of Decorah Jobs, Inc. believes a strong energy infrastructure is essential to attracting and supporting businesses and industries in Decorah, Iowa.

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An employee's story

Sarah Martz, Manager - Distribution Engineering

Sarah discusses her work on the Decorah Battery project and how making renewable energy more accessible for our customers is how she uses her energy.

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A fish tale

Wisconsin’s Wild Rose Fish Hatchery swims up to the challenge and shares the importance of using their energy to support the water quality and fish quantity. They’re making a difference in our community and supporting the anglers who are looking for that “trophy fish.”

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An employee's story

Julie Vande Hoef, Policy Advisory Manager in Des Moines, IA

Our family is busy volunteering in our neighborhood with park clean up and creating pollinator habitats. We adopted the neighborhood park and have spent endless hours revitalizing it.

During the pandemic, especially when face masks were hard to find, we used our sewing machine to make and give away over 1,000 face masks. We literally put up a sign on the curb with a basket of masks. We also made scrub hats for hospitals and long term care facilities. Our children, age 5 and 8 learned to sew during this effort too.

An employee's story

Alliant Energy employee Jeremiah Wallace uses his energy to keep his family safe and comfortable.

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"Energy creates energy"

Tasha Schnathorst, owner of aSPArations Salon and Day Spa in Marshalltown, Iowa, believes in creating a exceptional experience for her guests. Energy plays an important role in the services they provide. 

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The telephone titan

Alliant Energy retiree Arlene Torrenga found a new way to give back during COVID. Each week, she places over a dozen phone calls to friends and people who live alone or in assisted living facilities. She’s not just checking on their physical health: These phone calls are a bright spot in her friends’ weeks, helping them stay emotionally and mentally healthy.

“After retiring, I worked in a nursing home and then an assisted living home for a total of twelve years,” Arlene says. “I saw firsthand how much it meant for the elderly to receive phone calls, have visitors and receive mail from family and friends."

She adds, "I was being told how much the calls were looked forward to and appreciated. It didn't take me long to realize that I was making a difference."

How a Wisconsin brewery is using its energy

Take a few minutes to hear how Wisconsin’s own Hillsboro Brewing Company is using its energy to delight its customers and make a difference in its community. And if it’s in driving distance for you, perhaps plan a trip there this summer!

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An employee's story

Alliant Energy employee Eddie Fletcher uses his energy to power family and hobbies.

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