How do you use your energy?

Stories from our service territory

See how our customers, employees and retirees are Powering Beyond — using their energy to make our communities better.
Rachel Bromann

Rachel Bromann

Managing Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore in Cedar Rapids can be tiring, but Bromann says what keeps her moving is knowing every day she’s helping fund the cost of someone’s new home.

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Ron Endres

Ron Endres in a field

A Verona, Wisconsin man collects seeds for prairie restoration.

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Michelle Yun

group of students and lawyers

A first-semester class in her chemical engineering program showed Michelle Yun what power means to each of us and set a path for her life and work.

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Veronica Stober

Veronica Stober at pancake day

Veronica Stober took the Girl Scout Promise so seriously that she continues to live it as an adult, both at work and in her personal life.

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Connie Maluwelmeng

Connie Maluwelmeng volunteering

For Connie Maluwelmeng, a love of learning became the drive to volunteer.

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Corey Birkel

Corey Birkel

Back in 2000, Corey Birkel found his perfect job in an unlikely way: Someone suggested he become a line mechanic.

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Curtis Vacha

Curtis Vacha

Connectivity and community inspire engineering tech Curtis Vacha.

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Now we want to know how you use your energy.

Are you a volunteer firefighter, or a high school math tutor? Maybe you collect food for your local food pantry. Tell us how you, or someone you know, uses personal energy to make your community better. We may feature your story on our website, social media or ads. If we do, you’ll be entered in a drawing to receive a $500 grant for a qualified nonprofit.

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