Avery Davis (Akilah Newton)

Avery currently is a fourth grader at Prairie Elementary in Madison, Wisconsin.  She loves to spend time with her dog, “Susan Lucci”, playing with Legos, and learning more about science!  Avery also loves taking dance classes, spending time with her friends playing Minecraft and exploring new ways to express her boundless creativity through art. This is Avery’s first “official” acting role and is excited to bring the voice of Akilah to life! When reading the graphic novel for the first time, Avery was so excited to see a young girl that “Looks like me!” -- reminding us all of the power of representation of girls and people of color in STEM-related fields.

Avery's favorite scientist

Today, Avery’s favorite scientist is one she met through reading the script for The Power Chronicles: Eden Full Goh. Avery chose Eden because her newest venture is focused on app testing. And Avery uses a lot of apps on her tablet and smart phone!

Aimee Davis (Dr. Phoebe Nix)

During the day, Aimee proudly serves as Vice President – Marketing and Communication for Alliant Energy.  Outside of work, Aimee is no stranger to sharing her vocal talents to fun and exciting projects like The Power Chronicles. She has performed as a voice over artist for more than 20 years and has been featured in radio and television spots, as well as on corporate and industrial video projects. Prior to moving to Madison, Wisconsin, Aimee spent a decade on the stage performing with The St. Louis Shakespeare Company, and traveled with the Midwest tour of Tony and Tina’s Wedding.  She also served as adjunct faculty in the theatre program at the University Missouri -- St. Louis.   Today, Aimee’s favorite role is playing Mom to her daughter Avery. (AKA the voice of Akilah Newton.)  

Aimee's favorite scientist

Aimee says her favorite female scientist is also featured in The Power Chronicles: Mary Jackson. "The reason I chose Mary Jackson, was I first learned about Mary Jackson from watching the movie “Hidden Figures.” I was so blown away by that story and her contributions that when I saw her again featured in The Power Chronicles, I just had to choose her! To think that we might not have gotten to the moon without women — and in particular women of color — serving as human “computers” is just amazing!"

Tracy McCampbell (Akilah’s Dad)

Tracy McCampbell is Director of Operations, South Region, for Alliant Energy. He’s responsible for planning, directing and implementing the day-to-day delivery of gas and electric service, wind generation and power plant operations within a designated service region. He’s accountable for the direction of strategic activities and resources (people, tools and equipment), ensuring the reliability of the system and maintaining strong ties to the community. He has a bachelor’s degree from Iowa Wesleyan University and serves on the Iowa PAC Board, EPAN and the DE&I Leadership Team at Alliant Energy.

Tracy's favorite scientist

Alexa Canady was the first black female neurosurgeon in the U.S. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Zoology at the University of Michigan and stayed on to study Medicine. In 1981, she completed her residency at the University of Minnesota and began specializing in Pediatric Neurosurgery. During her career, she saved and improved the lives of countless young people. She also researched treating children with traumatic brain injuries and prenatal brain conditions.

Angelina “Lina” Godinez (Nia Newton, Akilah’s sister)

Angelina “Lina” Godinez is a second-year student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying marketing along with management and human resources. She is also pursuing a Sustainability certificate and hopes to build a career in sustainable business. Lina has recently joined the Alliant Energy team as a Digital Marketing Intern! She is originally from La Grange, Illinois – a southwest suburb of Chicago. Lina was raised in a second-generation Mexican-American household by her single mother who taught her the value of education and following your ambitions. Lina strives to promote inclusive environments that nurture success for everyone and leads with the spirit of girl power!

Lina's favorite scientist

Lina says: "One of my favorite scientists is Dr. Rose M. Mutiso, who is using her education in polymer physics and nanotechnology to help combat climate change. She is passionate about equality and energy efficiency, and along with the help of other experts she works with to solve the energy crisis in developing countries. Bringing innovation to renewable energy, she has presented a TedTalk on how to bring affordable, sustainable electricity to Africa. Dr. Mutiso co-founded the woman-led Mawazo Institute which supports East Africa’s next generation of female scholars and leaders. She has numerous other efforts to support the climate action movement as well, and truly is a champion for strong female leadership!"

Angela Arrington (Akilah’s Mom)

Angela is known for leading her life in the “A” realm by being an Ambassador, Advocate and Adventurous! Angela is currently a member of our legal team at Alliant Energy. She serves as Corporate Counsel and provides legal support to a variety of business units. She has served her community in many capacities, including the current Vice-Chair for the YWCA Madison. Angela believes that justice must always have a front row seat. To place it anywhere else will lead to a poor result even if a case is won. Angela’s passions beyond work include family, travel and the next learning opportunity!

Angela's favorite scientist

Angela says: "My favorite scientist is Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson. Dr. Jackson is an American physicist, and the eighteenth president of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She is the first African-American woman to have earned a doctorate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  She is also the second African-American woman in the United States to earn a doctorate in physics.   I chose Dr. Jackson because she has been an amazing trailblazer in STEM and did so in the face of adversity both as an African-American and a woman. Dr. Jackson not only opened the door of opportunity, but she found other African-Americans and persons of color to boldly walk through those same doors. During her first semester of graduate school, she recruited 57 African-Americans to attend MIT. Not only did they attend, Dr. Jackson helped MIT create a truly safe place for learning and innovation that led to successful graduation by the students. Out of her recruitment efforts, Dr. Jackson was instrumental in helping to create the school’s Black Student Union.  Today, the program has helped over 2,000 students and is known as Interphase EDGE. Dr. Jackson has served as a distinguished advisor to past U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Dr. Jackson has also received numerous awards and honors.  Here is Dr. Jackson’s Wikipedia: Shirley Ann Jackson - Wikipedia."

Ursula Norwood (Professor Josephine Silone Yates)

Ursula Norwood is an Environmental Specialist at Alliant Energy. She joined the company in December 2010, with more than 20 years of administrative experience in supporting and providing service to others. In her role, Ursula is responsible for compliance reporting and data management, renewable energy credit system management and reporting and other areas.

Ursula began her career as a receptionist at a local community bank in Chicago, Illinois, and gained experiences and opportunities for development and growth. Throughout her career, she has thrived on continuous lifelong learning, including utilizing relationships to learn from others’ experiences.

Her passion for assisting others has led her to actively get involved in the community by providing services as a foster parent and volunteering at local community organizations.

Ursula earned a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Management from Columbia Southern Community Colleges. She has earned a Small Business Entrepreneurial Certificate and Associate Degree in Business Management from Madison Area Technical College.

Ursula's favorite scientist

Ursula says: "Mary Jackson is my favorite female scientist based on her ability to assist NASA departure to and from space without all the technology we have today. Her accomplishments are remarkable, from the moment I learned about her I was amazed. My second favorite scientist is Marie Maynard Daly, the first African-American woman to obtain a PhD in chemistry in the U.S.  She researched how compounds produced in the body affect the digestive system."

Griselda Aldrete (Mary Jackson)

Griselda is the Director of Stakeholder Engagement at Alliant Energy. She provides counsel, assistance and direction in gaining third-party support for the purpose-driven strategy for the company to serve customers and build stronger communities. This includes strengthening and forming relationships with non-traditional stakeholders. Areas of involvement within the company include regulatory, public and community affairs, human resources, legal, economic and business development.

Before coming to Alliant Energy in 2020, Griselda served as the Executive Director for the Fire and Police Commission for the City of Milwaukee and the President and CEO of the Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee (HPGM). She has a law degree from Marquette University Law School, a master’s degree from University of Nebraska-Omaha and a bachelor’s degree from Marquette University. She’s earned two fellowships: the Marshall Memorial Fellow from the German Marshall Fund of the United States of America and was a British American Project Fellow.

Griselda serves on numerous boards and committees, including the Wisconsin Policy Forum, the Wisconsin State Bar Public Utilities Section, the mentorship committee of Building Brave, Milwaukee Women, Inc., and is a diversity, equity & inclusion leadership member at Alliant Energy.

Griselda's favorite scientist

Griselda says: "My favorite scientist is Katherine Johnson. She was a woman, and a woman of color, at a time when women in the profession of being a scientist at NASA was unheard of. It was her intelligence, curiosity and perseverance that forever changed the USA’s contributions to space explorations. You can read more about her here: https://www.nasa.gov/content/katherine-johnson-biography."

Michelle Yun (Eden Full Goh)

Michelle was born and raised in Wisconsin, went to Princeton University and graduated in 2006 with a degree in Chemical Engineering, minor in Materials Science. She started studying energy her freshman year of college and wrote her senior thesis on steam generator corrosion in nuclear power plants. She worked as an engineer in nuclear power plants for three years and then went to law school at the University of Wisconsin, graduated in 2012. She has been practicing energy law for almost 10 years now. She recently took on a role to help develop company strategy and oversee the electrification program. She has a 1.5-year-old son, a rescue dog, and husband, and they live in Middleton.

Michelle's favorite scientist

Michelle says: "Maria Klawe is a computer scientist and was the dean of the engineering school when I was at Princeton. I had a tenured professor really discourage me because I was female and Dean Klawe personally pulled me aside and encouraged me not to transfer or change majors. She believed in me, even wrote me a note that I framed and keep on my desk to this day. We’re all going through difficult journeys and it just takes one person to shine a light into your darkness so that you can find your way through."

Josephine Silone Yates (1859-1912)

A lifelong learner and advocate for education for both women and people of color, Ms. Yates was the first African American student to graduate from Rogers High School. She obtained her college degree with honors from Rhode Island State Normal School, then went on to get a master's degree from National University in Illinois. She was first and foremost a teacher, teaching chemistry, elocution and English literature.

"The aim of all true education is to give to body and soul all the beauty, strength and perfection of which they are capable."

Image courtesy of the Library of Congress

Mary Jackson (1921-2005)

After graduating Training School with highest honors, Mary went on to get bachelor's degrees in both mathematics and physical science from Hampton University. In 1951, she was recruited by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, which would eventually become NASA.

Starting as a research mathematician (known as a 'computer') she soon moved into the area of research, analyzing air flow, thrust and drag forces that would affect space travel.

In 1979 she achieved the most senior title in NASA engineering, and throughout her career, worked to gain recognition for other women in her field.

Image courtesy of NASA

Eden Full Goh

At 10 years of age, intrigued by a book on solar power, Eden was motivated to design her own solar panel car. While it wasn't perfect, it started her on a path of exploring on what this power source could offer.

In high school, she developed a solar panel rotator using gravity and a water clock making it simple and affordable for people around the world. This would earn her a Thiel Fellowship and lead to her development of the Sun-Saluter organization.

Eden has received many honors, including Forbes' magazine's "30 Under 30." She currently is CEO of a new venture, Mobot, a mobile app testing service powered by supervised mechanical robots.

Image courtesy of LinkedIn

Barbara Lee Francisco

Barbara Lee Francisco is a lifelong resident of Eastern Iowa and has worked professionally as an artist/illustrator for 35 years. A fine art grad of Mt. Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Barbara has created award winning logos and illustrations for companies across Iowa and the Midwest, along with writing and illustrating two webcomics, drawing art for children's books and designing book covers.

Barbara is married and lives with her a bagpipe playing hubby, a wild Labrador puppy, and a very lazy cat. She loves spending free time gardening, singing and playing acoustic guitar shows, and enjoying time with her grown children and brand new grandson.

Learn more about Barbara at her website, https://barbaraleeart.com/