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John, farmer and solar project supporter

They used to call me a dairy farmer, and I was the president of the largest dairy co-op in the country. Now when we get together, they call me the solar farmer. I’m kind of proud of that. It's a new generation. It's a new name, and it’s a new beginning for a lot of people.

In the past years, my tenant grew corn on this very land where we’re going to put the solar panels. That corn went to the ethanol plant, and they produced ethanol that you used in your car for gas. And we’ll put the solar panels on that will produce electricity, which you can use in your electric car or your home, which is a new way of getting energy for the future in our country.

John Butterbrodt
Beaver Dam Solar Project landowner

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This investment will have a positive impact on the lives of construction workers and their families in the communities where these projects are sited. … The commitment that (Alliant Energy) has made to hiring a local workforce to construct these projects truly represents a gold standard in a way that renewable energy and good-paying construction jobs for Wisconsin residents can coincide together while undoubtedly serving the public interest.

John Raines
North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters
Renew Wisconsin logo
RENEW Wisconsin wholeheartedly supports Public Service Commission approval of the Alliant Energy’s application to acquire, construct, own, and operate the Albany, Beaver Dam, Cassville, Paddock, Springfield, and Wautoma solar projects. In our view, this 414-MW tranche of solar capacity is a cost-effective, low-risk component of the Clean Energy Blueprint. Not only would Alliant Energy’s proposed power plants generate electricity from a noncombustible renewable resource, consistent with Wisconsin’s Energy Priorities Law, these solar projects would do so at the scale needed to achieve deep carbon reductions.

Michael Vickerman
RENEW Wisconsin Policy Director
Wood County Wisconsin logo

As chair of the Renewable and Sustainable Committee and a member of the Wood County Board, I have seen first-hand the positive impact the Wood County Solar Project has had on the county. By promoting and supporting the advancement of solar power, this project will not only benefit Wood County environmentally and financially for generations to come but will also leave its mark on the entire state.

Jake Hahn
Wood County Board

Dave Fritz headshot

As a local business owner and landowner leasing property, I fully support the Grant County Solar Project. While financially benefitting the area, the lease payments made to local landowners like me also help to diversify the revenue streams we generate from our land.

When Alliant Energy closed the coal-fired power plant in Cassville 2015, Grant County lost a meaningful part of its budget, which ultimately resulted in new tax increases. However, this solar project will have a positive financial impact on Grant County and the Potosi Township through the shared revenue paid by the state.

This project will also have a definite economic influence on local businesses during and after the construction period. I am also pleased that Alliant Energy has announced they will be purchasing the power and infrastructure once the project is complete.

More importantly, vegetation planted under and around the solar panels will help improve soil nutrients and control erosion. And, the production of clean energy is essential to help us keep up with future electricity needs while simultaneously working to reduce our carbon footprint.

David H. Fritz
Grant County business owner and landowner

Wood County Wisconsin logo

As past chairman of the Wood County Board, I would like to lend my full support to the Wood County Solar Project. The benefits to Wood County and the Town of Saratoga are indeed many and substantial.

Beginning with the revenue generated by the utility for both the county and township in lieu of traditional real estate taxes, short term job creation and the advancement toward carbon free goals, this project is prolific. Add to those important points the fact that this project will create enough electricity to supply the annual usage for 40,000 homes, and you have monumental impact.

But it gets better! On top of all these superlatives we improve our community’s health and resiliency. In an area that was once clustered with paper mills belching tons of environmental waste along with harmful water and air emissions, we will be doing it all organically...with the power of sunlight.

Solar is also helpful following extreme weather events so emergency power can help provide aide and assistance to those who might need things like refrigeration for medicine, to recharge medical devices and other necessary personal devices during an outage.

What a wonderful way for our community to step to the front of renewable energies for the future of our children, grandchildren, and planet.

Doug Machon
Former Chair, Wood County Board

Clean Green Action Logo

As chair of Clean Green Action, a grassroots organization working to create a sustainable community in the Wisconsin Rapids area, I am pleased to report that our group supports the Wood County Solar Project.

Our members are concerned about the significant effects of climate change and would like to encourage Alliant to use more renewable energy. We believe the Wood County Project is a great example of the power of renewables.

Joseph Ancel
Chair, Clean Green Action

Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce logo

As the Chamber of Commerce that serves the Wood County area, we are pleased to be working with the Wood County Solar Project. From the moment of inception, the group has been open, collaborative, and informative. Partnerships such as these lead to innovation and continued growth within communities. We are excited for the future of the project and continued innovation with solar energy.

Angel Whitehead
President, Wisconsin Rapids Chamber of Commerce

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