Madison office energy learning lab

Why we are doing it

We’re learning more about how solar energy and energy battery storage technologies work in our region and supporting the adoption of electric vehicles (EV). We also want to see how these more local energy sources and uses can fit into the electric grid.

This experience better positions us and our customers to make educated decisions in making energy choices. It also further develops knowledge for us and our industry.

The snapshot

  • 1,300 total solar panels
  • 28 individual ground-mounted solar features
  • 13 EV chargers
  • Nine roof-mounted solar arrays
  • Five solar parking canopies
  • Two solar café tables
  • One energy battery storage system
  • Public walking paths and educational signage
  • Expected annual output of 390,000 kilowatt hours of electricity

Performance data website

The performance data website is a collaboration between Alliant Energy and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). The site provide access to historical data through July 26, 2020.

On the website, you can see:

  • Historic data alongside weather conditions and solar irradiance levels
  • How the different solar technologies compare to one another
  • How the battery energy storage system performs
  • Photos, video clips, interactive charts and more!

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