Life in the Midwest

It's no surprise that the Midwest is often called America's Heartland.

There’s something for everyone to love here, like our affordable housing, stunning geography, friendly residents and excellent schools. Here are just a few more reasons to call the Midwest home:

  • Big-city access. We enjoy most of the amenities found in large metropolitan areas without all the big-city headaches and hassles. And if you find yourself missing the city, you’re never more than an afternoon drive from Chicago, Minneapolis or Kansas City.
  • A sense of community. With family-friendly neighborhoods and a passionate sports culture, Midwestern towns cultivate a sense of belonging. You’ll have infinite choices for joining the fun, from intramural sports to local clubs to small town festivals.
  • Outdoor adventure. Skiing and sledding in the winter, boating and hiking in the summer—with its diverse landscapes and plentiful lakes and rivers, the Midwest has countless opportunities to get outside and play.
  • Food and drink like nowhere else. The Midwest is famous for quirky regional food, including staples like beer cheese soup, deep dish pizza and frozen custard. And, of course, plenty of corn on the cob and cheese curds for everyone to enjoy.

Get to know us

We think this is the perfect place to live, but you don’t have to take our word for it. The links below will help you explore some of the opportunities for housing, activities and entertainment in Wisconsin and Iowa.