Alliant Energy’s Richland County Solar renamed Bear Creek Solar

50-megawatt solar project in Richland County renamed due to safety precautions

BUENA VISTA, Wis. – March 5, 2021 – Richland County Solar, a 50-megawatt (MW) solar project located in the town of Buena Vista (near the village of Lone Rock), Wisconsin, is being renamed Bear Creek Solar.

Bear Creek, a waterway off the Wisconsin River, is a class 1 trout stream and is part of southwest Wisconsin’s driftless region. It provides the Richland County community with wetland scenery and outdoor recreational activities. Guided by its purpose-driven strategy to serve customers and build strong communities, Alliant Energy set out to identify a name that represents the community.

Alliant Energy’s value, Live safety. Everyone. Always., was at the forefront of the decision to rename the solar project. In case of an emergency at the solar facility, this unique name will mitigate any confusion emergency responders might otherwise have faced when reporting to the location. Alliant Energy has no other facilities named “Bear Creek.”

“We are excited to build on our long history of service and investment in the Richland Center area. The Bear Creek project initiates a meaningful investment during the construction of the project, additional tax revenue while the project is in operation, and introduces local renewable energy.,” said Ben Lipari, Director of Resource Development at Alliant Energy.

Last year, Alliant Energy announced their plans to acquire Bear Creek Solar in Richland County from Savion, which develops large-scale renewable energy assets across the U.S. Construction is expected to get underway this year and be completed in late 2022. Once operational, Bear Creek Solar will generate enough energy to power more than 13,000 homes in Wisconsin.

Bear Creek Solar is part of Alliant Energy’s Clean Energy Blueprint for Wisconsin, a strategic roadmap to cost-effectively accelerate renewable energy while reducing carbon emissions. Alliant Energy plans to add at least 1,000 megawatts (MW) of solar generation in Wisconsin by the end of 2023.