Alliant Energy prepared to continue providing reliable energy

The company’s transition to renewables ensures its diverse energy mix benefits customers in all types of weather.

As temperatures heat up throughout the Midwest, Alliant Energy is prepared to deliver the reliable energy customers need. By consistently planning for the ongoing energy needs of its customers and maintaining a diverse energy mix of generation resources, the company has sufficient resources to meet current demand. As Alliant Energy transitions to more renewable resources, gas and coal-fired generating plants are also available.

This preparation and diverse energy mix are essential during summer months and warmer than normal temperatures. In fact, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) are warning of potential energy shortfalls and the potential need for “emergency resources to meet the 2022 summer peak,” respectfully.

Alliant Energy is part of the MISO system and communicates its supply of capacity of projected customer demands to MISO. 

A benefit to being part of MISO is that they manage the generation and transmission of electricity within a multi-state region which includes Iowa and Wisconsin. The power Alliant Energy produces doesn’t just go to its own customers. It serves customers throughout the region. And in turn, Alliant Energy customers benefit from power produced by other energy companies. This partnership is especially important during an extreme event because it means companies throughout the MISO region can draw upon the power generated by other utilities, working together to benefit all customers. 

When hot days are in the forecast and peak demand is expected to increase, several steps are taken to prepare. As MISO monitors the demand for power during a multi-step process, they alert member companies to cancel planned generation maintenance, line up emergency sources in case they are needed and can buy energy from other areas outside of MISO. 
Alliant Energy and its customers can also take action. Regardless of the weather, the company encourages customers to continually make efforts to lower their energy use in order to positively impact their bills. For low-cost, no-cost tips and ways to make your home more efficient, you can visit  

Alliant Energy can also implement voluntary customer programs like the interruptible program to reduce peak demand. If needed, the company has peaking gas plants available for emergencies or during peak conditions and schedules generator outages to avoid expected periods of high demand. In addition, Alliant Energy can encourage all customers to voluntarily reduce their energy usage during peak demand. 
Periodic and temporary power outages are an extreme last step that, if MISO deems necessary, may be declared to prevent widespread outages when demand exceeds available resources. Should MISO make declarations that would require periodic interruptions, we have plans in place to respond to their direction. These outages are expected to be short-term and occur across the MISO region in a way that minimizes the impact to customers and considers critical services such as hospitals. 

MISO’s multi-step process would typically allow time for Alliant Energy to proactively notify customers before implementing any intermittent, periodic and temporary power outages. 
It is Alliant Energy’s goal that no customers lose power, however, should an outage occur due to a storm or other event, it’s important for everyone to have a plan in place. If you know someone who uses life-support equipment or has a health problem, have your healthcare provider call 1-800-ALLIANT with the type and duration of illness and any equipment used. Alliant Energy advises all customers to have an alternate plan, power source and equipment option in the event of a power outage or unforeseen circumstance. 

Alliant Energy Corporation (NASDAQ: LNT) provides regulated energy service to 1 million electric and 425,000 natural gas customers across Iowa and Wisconsin. Alliant Energy's mission is to deliver energy solutions and exceptional service customers and communities count on – safely, efficiently and responsibly. Interstate Power and Light Company (IPL) and Wisconsin Power and Light Company (WPL) are Alliant Energy's two public energy companies. Alliant Energy is a component of Bloomberg’s Gender-Equality Index and the S&P 500. For more information, visit and follow Alliant Energy on LinkedIn, FacebookInstagram and X.

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