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Alliant Energy helps DeWitt Volunteer Fire Department save lives

The mission of the DeWitt Volunteer Fire Department in DeWitt, Iowa, is to prevent loss of life and property. The department answers all emergency calls that can’t be routed to another agency. Crew members respond to motor vehicle accidents, rescues, medical emergencies and incidents with hazardous materials. The scenes can be dangerous, especially when crews don’t have the right equipment, or the equipment they do have is outdated.

“Over the past three years since we have been receiving grants from Alliant Energy we have responded to roughly 400 calls for service,” said Clint Kauffman of the DeWitt Fire Department. “On each of those calls at least one piece of equipment Alliant Energy has helped us purchase has been utilized. This equipment is used to keep our members safe.”

Alliant Energy understands the need for a safe work environment, so when the company heard DeWitt Fire Department needed a multi-gas detector, it lent a hand. In 2023, Alliant Energy donated $1,000 toward the purchase of a Sensit Gold G3 multi-gas detector.

This multi-gas detector provides instant, detailed information about the presence of combustible and toxic gases in confined spaces. This will help fire department crew members stay safe and assist people in danger or medical distress.

Alliant Energy supported DeWitt’s fire department previously in 2022 with $1,500 for helmet replacements, and in 2021 with $1,000 for personal protective equipment.

Alliant Energy also supports DeWitt public safety in other ways. Many DeWitt citizens come to city hall in person to pay utility bills, attend meetings and more. The police department gave city hall an automatic external defibrillator to have in case of emergencies to revive someone in cardiac arrest. Eventually the equipment grew old and needed immediate replacement. When Alliant Energy learned that, it stepped in with a donation of $1,000 toward a state-of-the art device. With this gift, the city didn’t have to wait until the next budget cycle to have the lifesaving gear on hand.

“Alliant Energy is committed to making a positive difference in the communities where our employees, retirees and customers live and work,” said Leah Rodenberg, senior community affairs program manager at Alliant Energy. “Our giving and support of programs and initiatives dedicated to workforce readiness, environmental stewardship, hunger and housing and community safety and engagement are some of the ways our company seeks to further our goal of being a good corporate citizen and contributing member of society.”

As a company that believes in community safety and engagement, Alliant Energy is proud to contribute to the well-being of DeWitt firefighters and citizens.

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