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Matt Tegt’s wide-ranging projects and focused service

Matt Tegt believes that pitching in is part of the Alliant Energy ethos. Tegt lives in Janesville, WI, where he has been a gas technician since 2015. “We’re an electric and gas company, but you can find us doing much more,” Tegt said. “We’re out fixing other utilities, interacting with and helping customers, and even helping other contractors with road moves or conflicts.”

He appreciates the broad responsibilities that the job gives him, as well as the opportunities to do even more. "You don’t know from day to day what you’re going to get into,” said Tegt. His volunteer efforts, meanwhile are more focused: Tegt works to ensure that everyone has the food they need.

Through his union, IBEW Local 965, Matt recently helped organize a food drive to make sure kids would be fed throughout the summer. Many school-aged children depend on school resources to eat. During the summer break, when they can’t eat at school, food pantry shelves tend to go bare.

Tegt and some of his colleagues also volunteer at a food bank in Janesville, Wisconsin, where he’s been happy to see the results of his efforts. “Everyone who comes through is more than ecstatic to receive support,” he said.

When people heard about the opportunity to help, they were and are quick to find a way to pitch in. Which is what it takes. It takes everyone to get it done.
Matt Tegt

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