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Three reasons to become a member of Business Power Thinkers

You share your thoughts, we listen and put your thoughts into action. That’s the idea behind our Power Thinkers program. Now, we’re tapping into the minds of small to mid-size businesses with Business Power Thinkers!

Members of the Business Power Thinkers community are business owners and professionals involved in energy decisions like bill payment or energy improvement projects at a small to mid-size business. If you fit the bill, here are three reasons to become a Business Power Thinkers:

  1. Your thoughts have influence. Your input directly affects how we communicate and interact with small to mid-size businesses.

  2. Get a first look at new programs, product development, communication strategies and so much more.

  3. Join a community of like-minded businesses across Iowa and Wisconsin. Members of Business Power Thinkers gain access to an online portal where they can share thoughts and ideas directly with each other.

The time commitment is minimal. On average, you’ll receive one survey a month that typically takes no more than 10 minutes.

Join the community
Share a little about yourself in our welcome survey. After that, you’ll receive a welcome message, get access to the Business Power Thinkers community portal and start to receive survey invitations!

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