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Powering innovation in the Midwest

A new report finds that since 1978, the number of startups in rural Wisconsin has dropped by 50%. What’s the story behind that number? What can we do to encourage new businesses to move in?

We at Alliant Energy partnered with the University of Wisconsin Agricultural and Applied Economics department and the Wisconsin Startup Coalition on the recently released Rural Innovation Report. It examines those questions and why innovation in rural Wisconsin differs from more populous areas of the state.

The report’s lead authors also documented the challenges to creating new businesses. They say that minor obstacles can be major setbacks for new entrepreneurs. But, with the proper network of support, connections and resources, they can keep moving forward. As the power provider for those communities, we are part of that support network.

“Rural communities are home to some of the most creative, talented and hardworking individuals you’ll find,” said JP Brummond, our vice president of customer and community engagement. “That pioneering spirit is what we need to jumpstart economic growth and move us toward a brighter future.”

We’re proud to be an active community member in hundreds of rural communities in Iowa and Wisconsin. Learn about our programs that may help encourage new business in your community.

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