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How do you use your energy graphic featuring employee Michelle Yun

How do you use your energy?

Michelle Yun is the voice of Eden Full Goh in our Power Chronicles audio book. In real life, she’s an engineer obsessed with how energy has changed the world.

Energy enables the technology that has shifted how we interact so profoundly. An early Biography of Energy seminar in college inspired Michelle’s commitment to the energy industry “because it’s an invisible but powerful force in our lives and behaviors.” Her current position at Alliant Energy has her thinking about where energy will take us next.

As senior manager for strategy and electrification, Michelle spends a lot of her time conducting the research, planning and collaboration that helps her define a vision for Alliant Energy decades from now. Her other career focus is managing electrification – that is, figuring out ways to help make more of our lives run on electricity. Her primary electrification focus at present is helping individuals and businesses move toward electric cars, fleets and school buses.

Although Michelle had been drawn to the sciences since childhood, she says that’s not a requirement for a career in STEM. “STEM is a lot of things, not just that common picture of lab coats and test tubes. There’s something in STEM for everyone. Even if you think, ‘I’m creative, not a math or science person,’ continue to explore and ask questions. So much creativity goes into STEM careers. Don’t let anyone convince you it isn’t for you.”

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