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Powering the future: From clean energy to infrastructure

The U.S. government announced it will end purchases of gas-powered cars by 2035. It’s part of a nation-wide push for electrification. There are challenges to address to achieve this goal.

One of the biggest challenges is the U.S. power grid. It’s not currently capable of handling the increased electricity demand this will cause.

Another challenge is the lack of electric vehicles (EV) chargers in spec buildings. Most buildings constructed today will have a 60-year useful life. So most will still be in use when the majority of vehicles are electric.

Finally, there are political challenges. Some politicians oppose the development of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

Despite these challenges, a lot of progress toward a clean energy economy is underway. The cost of EVs is coming down, and the number of EV chargers is increasing. Public support for renewable energy sources is growing.

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In the recent podcast, Powering the Future: From Clean Energy to Infrastructure, Industrial Advisors co-hosts Bill Condon and Matt McGregor sit down with Alliant Energy’s Coleman Peiffer, manager of community and economic development, to discuss the world of clean energy and infrastructure.

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