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Commitment to Beaver Dam Commerce Park

We will extend our options to purchase on a 521-acre Beaver Dam Commerce Park in Wisconsin. We originally took out options on this future industrial park five years ago with a vision to provide a new option to industrial users interested in the Beaver Dam community due to the rapid absorption of industrial property.

In addition to owning the options to purchase, which include a set purchase price for each property, we worked with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to meet its certified site program requirements.

As a result, the state of Wisconsin deemed this industrial park development-ready. State certification ensures all predevelopment studies, including geotechnical, site plans, environmental phase 1 and wetland delineation, have been completed and approved by the third-party administrator, Deloitte. Certification helps ensure predevelopment delays typically seen in greenfield development will not prevent projects from meeting construction timelines.

For more information on the state’s largest certified site, visit

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