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Summer energy-saving tips for your business

In summer, energy costs for cooling rise with the thermometer. Peak demand charges become a significant issue in many facilities. These energy-saving guidelines will help keep your energy budget from slipping into the red as summer heats up. 

Cooling systems 
It's essential for comfort, but air conditioning is a substantial summertime operating cost. These cost-saving tips can help: 

  • Verify all maintenance has been performed on your air conditioning equipment and change filters regularly according to manufacturer guidelines. 
  • Raise thermostat settings by a few degrees during working hours and allow employees to wear suitable clothing for higher building temperatures. 
  • Install air conditioning economizers to bring in cool outside air. 
  • Install window film, solar screens or awnings on south- and west-facing windows to provide cooling shade on hot summer afternoons. 

If your air conditioning system is 10 years old or older or in regular need of repair, consider a new energy-efficient system. Work with a qualified HVAC professional to meet your needs. 

Reducing energy demand
Peak demand charges refer to the times of the day when electricity consumption is at its highest and most expensive. The following strategies will help you level off your peak demand: 

  • Perform flexible, nonessential operations during off-peak hours in the evening or early morning.
  • Turn off machinery when not in use and take advantage of power management options with office equipment. 
  • Charge battery-powered equipment, such as electric lift trucks, at night when demand is lower. 
  • Consider installing a thermal energy storage system that uses water cooled at night to provide air conditioning during the day. 

With the help of the Business Resource Center, you can learn about energy-efficient cost-saving measures for your business. Contact us at or 1-866-ALLIANT (866-255-4268). We can help you analyze energy expenditures and determine where and how to trim your costs.

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