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How Alliant Energy powers Rock River Coalition’s mission

Rock River Coalition (RRC) is a small but mighty volunteer organization that protects Wisconsin waterways. It works to mitigate harmful pollutants, reduce the presence of invasive plants, provide water monitoring services for the state’s Department of Natural Resources, and get the word out to farmers and others about the value of native plants for filtering runoff chemicals.

To aid in this important work, Alliant Energy has helped fund RRC’s monthly e-newsletter the past four years.

“The Alliant Energy donation gives us the power to communicate water-related stories in the basin, events, information and data to engage with more people who share our mission,” said Becca Dymzarov, executive director of Rock River Coalition. “Since this funding, we’ve doubled our subscribers and the list continues to grow.”

The e-newsletter keeps RRC’s mission front and center: “To educate and provide opportunities for people of diverse interests to work together to improve environmental, recreational, cultural and economic resources of the Rock River Basin.”

A recent issue featured an article about the benefits of rain barrels, which can significantly reduce the amount of freshwater from rivers and lakes that is used in our day-to-day life. It’s a resource that is important to protect. The RRC shared that “a single 55-gallon rain barrel can save up to 1,300 gallons of water every year” and highlighted an upcoming RRC rain barrel workshops where the community can learn to use their own.

The e-newsletter also lists events RRC’s partners sponsor. Many of these would typically only be known to professionals in the field. Since RRC staff members are environmental scientists by trade, they’re able to spread the word.

The e-newsletter helps raise the profile of the organization by sharing about the people who make up the organization. It includes messages from the president and executive director, plus profiles of board members.

We at Alliant Energy share RRC’s vision for Wisconsin waterways, one of clean waters with plentiful native fish and other wildlife. It’s a vision of vibrant, sustainable farms and healthy prairies, wetlands, forests, communities and cultural sites.

As a company with a strong commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement, we welcome the opportunity to partner with RRC to help spread its message far and wide.

“The Alliant Energy donation gives us the engage with more people who share our mission.”
Becca Dymzarov, executive director of Rock River Coalition

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