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Hydroponic greenhouse project pipe

Three Leaf Partners and Local Roots Produce announce hydroponic greenhouse and industrial development in Janesville, WI

Vertical farming, hydroponics and indoor controlled environments promise a future in which our food is grown in pockets of spaces in our cities and beneath our feet. Three Leaf Partners and Local Roots Produce announced plans for a 175-acre development in Janesville, Wisconsin.

The plans include a 36-acre hydroponic greenhouse that will produce strawberries for the regional market. Growing strawberries close to consumers in the Midwest means they’ll be fresh when they arrive at stores. It also reduces the carbon footprint of shipping compared to berries from Florida or California.

In addition to the 36-acre park, development plans include single-family housing, apartments and industrial projects. The development will utilize a former pheasant farm located near a robust industrial and logistics park that includes SHINE Isotopes and Dollar General distribution. The project involves a capital investment of $300 million and will create up to 500 new jobs once complete.

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