You can receive account notifications by email, text or phone. We’ll let you know when your bill is due and when we’ve received your payment.

Plus, we’ll tell you if there is an outage at your home or business. Sign up for additional helpful notifications in My Account.

Standard notifications

You’ll automatically receive these by email.

  • Bill is due
  • Payment has been received
  • Outage at your address

Extra notifications

Sign up for these in My Account.

  • High energy use alerts (Set an amount you don’t want to exceed each month. We’ll keep track and let you know if you hit it.)

How to set your notification preferences

Log into My Account and select Notifications. Then, select Set Notification Preference at the top right corner.

Check or uncheck the different types of notifications.

Note: Because of their importance, billing and outage email notifications are required.

Screenshot of notification preferences screen in My Account

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