How does Budget Billing work?

To get you started with the Budget Billing program, we’ll review your average energy costs over the past 12 months. We’ll then bill you that amount each month – so you’ll know in advance how much your payment will be.

What if I use more or less energy than I paid for?

If your energy use differs greatly from your budgeted amount, we’ll adjust your future bills accordingly.

  • If you used more energy than you paid for, the amount you owe will be divided by 12 and added to your new budget amount.
  • If you used less energy than you paid for, we'll owe you – your future budget bills will be adjusted appropriately.

Just moved in? We can help you estimate a budget amount – or you may want to establish a usage history before enrolling.

Am I eligible to participate?

If you live in Iowa,
Budget Billing is open to residential, rural or small non-residential general service customers whose consumption is less than 3,000 kWh per month (electric) and/or less than 250 therms per month (gas).

If you live in Wisconsin,
Budget Billing is open to residential customers and commercial accounts that provide residential living, such as apartment buildings.

Enroll Now via My Account

Or call us at 1-800-ALLIANT (800-255-4268).

Terms and conditions of participation

Participants are required to pay their budget amount in full every month or they may be removed from the Budget Billing program. The monthly budget amount is the amount customers should pay each month. Payments made in excess of the monthly budget amount will be applied to the actual billed usage amounts due.

Monthly budget amounts will be reviewed every six months. Adjustments may be made if the calculated new monthly bill payment deviates by plus or minus 10% from the current monthly budget payment.