A letter from Pat Kampling

My fellow shareowners,

It’s a new energy era, and Alliant Energy is excited to continue delivering the results you’ve come to expect from us. In each of the past five years, we’ve achieved 5% to 7% earnings growth while also increasing our dividend by at least 6% each year.

Our strong performance continues. In late 2017, our Board of Directors approved a 6% increase to our expected annual common stock dividend, setting the target for 2018 at $1.34 per share. Your Alliant Energy investment has delivered a higher return than both the Edison Electric Institute Stock Index and the S&P 500 Index when combining stock performance and dividend yield for the last five years.

Cleaner, economical, sustainable energy

I’m proud to say that our utility-owned wind portfolio is big and getting bigger. By 2024, we forecast that nearly a third of Alliant Energy’s rated electric capacity will be from renewable sources.

Overall, we are expecting to invest up to $2 billion in new wind power generation through 2020, which is enough to power 500,000 homes. This will more than double renewable capacity for our customers.

We’ve made smart, targeted investments in solar. In 2017, we energized Iowa’s largest solar garden in Dubuque. We also continue to gather data from the Solar Learning Laboratory at our Corporate Headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin.

The innovative Rock River solar facility is built on the site of a closed ash landfill. It serves as a model as we continue to close ash ponds and remediate those sites for solar or native pollinator habitats.

Our renewables are balanced by traditional generation, including highly efficient natural gas and emissions-controlled coal power stations. As of the end of 2017, we had retired or converted to gas almost 40% of our 2010 coal-fired generation capacity. Two new state-of-the-art gas plants are replacing this baseload generation. Our 706-megawatt natural gas-fired facility in Marshalltown, Iowa, went into service on April 1, 2017. It received the Envision® Platinum rating for sustainable infrastructure and is one of the five most efficient plants of its type in the United States. We’ve started construction on a similar facility in Beloit, Wisconsin, which is expected to go into service by early 2020.

Our new generation investments spark growth along many paths. For customers, it means decades of cleaner power with low or no fuel costs. For new and expanding businesses, it means better access to cleaner, reliable, cost-competitive power. For communities, it means new jobs and increased tax revenue. For shareowners, it means continued investment while controlling costs.

Smart, strong, secure power grid

The evolving energy grid forms the backbone for growth and opportunity. The power lines connecting our company and customers are packed with potential. That’s why we are installing smart meters for customers and delivering new solutions with our leading-edge customer information system.

Exceptional energy services

We’re confident about our future because we’re confident in the cleaner, reliable, affordable electricity and natural gas we offer. We work with customers to expand the use of electric vehicles, electric forklifts, electric truck refrigeration units and more. We’ve also connected more customers to our natural gas system.

Partnering for progress

We know our communities well and work to help them thrive. The 1,300-acre Big Cedar Industrial Center outside of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is just one example of how we’re actively driving economic growth. In 2017, we added three more industrial centers in Iowa, and we’re planning new growth sites in Wisconsin, too.

It’s important for us to also give back to the communities we have the privilege to serve. In 2017, our community investments totaled more than $7 million to nonprofit organizations and educational programs. This is in addition to 88,000 volunteer hours donated by Alliant Energy employees and retirees. We amplify the effect of our giving by focusing on three key areas: Helping Families, Education and the Environment.

An all-virtual Annual Meeting

This year, we are excited to hold our Annual Meeting online and over the phone. Investors can access this innovative live event from kitchen tables, coffee shops and office buildings around the world.

This new format will give more shareowners the opportunity to participate in our Annual Meeting. Attendance at our traditional meeting has been declining, so we are using proven technology to facilitate a worldwide digital discussion. This change also opens up new tools we can use to communicate before the meeting, including the ability for you to post questions in advance.

Please see Page 3 of the Annual Report.pdf for more details about how to participate in our exclusively virtual Annual Meeting.

Powering growth, powering beyond

Alliant Energy is powering beyond to deliver a bright energy future. Our talented employees are executing a flexible and customer-focused strategy to deliver benefits to customers and value to shareowners.

It’s an exciting time in our industry. While we cannot predict what the future will bring, we know we’ll play a central role in it.

Thank you for your support,

Patricia Leonard Kampling
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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